Amber CEO: „Bitcoin is no longer a speculative bubble“

6. Februar 2021 Aus Von admin

Michael Wu admits that Bitcoin will continue to be very volatile, but the cryptocurrency is no longer a speculative bubble.

Since Bitcoin ( BTC ) saw the light of day around 12 years ago , the market-leading crypto currency has been referred to time and again as a mere speculative bubble.

Michael Wu, CEO of the financial services provider Amber Group, vehemently denies this view

„The argument always comes when there is a paradigm shift,“ as Wu countered this allegation in an interview with CNBC on Thursday . “People initially have doubts and are skeptical about what is completely normal because it takes them a while to understand how the new works and whether it is really sustainable,” the financial expert continues. He adds:

“In the beginning, this lack of understanding, this skepticism, leads to high price volatility. However, I am convinced that Bitcoin can no longer be called a speculative bubble, because in the meantime all the institutional investors, the billionaires and the multibillion-dollar corporations have entered the crypto market. They are now also buying Bitcoin, they are now also buying cryptocurrencies, but the supply is still limited to a fixed upper limit of 21 million Bitcoin. “

The argument that more and more big players are showing interest in Bitcoin has been repeated like a mantra in recent months

Indeed, large corporations have now invested in the crypto market leader. While software manufacturer MicroStrategy is arguably the largest entrepreneurial Bitcoin investor with investments of over USD 1 billion , insurer MassMutual ( USD 100 million ) and payment service provider Square ( USD 50 million ) also have large amounts of the Bought cryptocurrency.

The combination of a limited supply and increasing demand is therefore seen as the driving force behind the long-term rise in the price of Bitcoin. In this context, Wu explains: “There will continue to be volatility, there will be downturns. Some of these downturns will be severe, but nonetheless I am convinced that we can no longer call Bitcoin a speculative bubble. “

Finally, Wu also goes into the role of Bitcoin as a store of value. The cryptocurrency is mostly compared to gold . „In the worst case, Bitcoin is at least a better form of gold,“ as he is also optimistic.

On Wednesday, the Amber Group, the financial expert’s company, announced that co-owner Annabelle Huang has been tasked with attracting more institutional and retail investors to the company’s financial products. To this end, she will take over the leadership of the GlobalX Center strategic department, which will drive Amber’s expansion into regions such as South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and North America.