Bison Trails, part of the Libra Association, a provider of infrastructure and block solutions, has announced the launch of Query and Transactions Clusters (QT). With this protocol, developers will be able to create services based on the future Libra network.

Libra QT is a kind of bridge between Libra’s not yet launched network and the external networks. A separate infrastructure will make it possible to record data in blockades.

Bison Trails has announced that Libra QT will enable Bitcoin Era scam users to „integrate exchanges and wallets as well as create new and interesting applications“.

Libra QT will also provide payment processing, transaction verification and smart contract creation.

We would like to remind you that from the very beginning the Libra project from Facebook has faced tough pressure from regulators in various countries.

According to media reports, the finance ministers of the G7 countries will continue to oppose the launch of Libra until its issuer is properly regulated.

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